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Extra Utilities

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Extra Utilities
Current developers RWTema
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Latest version 1.0.3c
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Tech World 2
FTB Lite

Extra Utilities is a mod created by RWTema. It is a mod that adds an assortment of random but useful items and blocks useful for things ranging from: low-lag item, power and fluid transport (and item/fluid/power teleportation), automation, storage (item and liquid), decoration, mob traps and farming, building, and much more. It provides alternative methods for generating RF power, ranging from generating power from food, nether stars or pink dye. It also provides assistance for those playing on peaceful, with a recipe for nether star's added.

Another utility the mod provides is compressing cobblestone, sand, gravel and dirt. Cobblestone can be compressed 8 times with Septuple and Octuple Compressed cobblestone being resistant to the Wither. Dirt is compressible 4x whereas sand and gravel are only compressable twice.

The mod also provides low-lag alternatives to the Quarry and Pump through the Ender Quarry and Ender-Thermic Pump respectively. It also adds a low-lag fast cobblestone generator alternative, in the form of a Transfer Node with a Mining Upgrade. One of the secondary objectives of the mod appears to be to provide an alternative method of doing various normally high lag tasks, in an efficient a manner as possible.

The mod adds a new dimension: The Deep Dark - designed for mining, with vanilla ores spawning at 2x rates. Be Warned! In the Deep Dark darkness is damaging. Mobs can spawn at all light levels in the Deep Dark, although Magnum Torchs and Chandeliers will prevent spawning as normal.

A while ago I started tinkering with Minecraft modding as a way to better learn java. I had no serious intentions of ever making a proper mod so I basically threw in every silly and stupid idea that came to me. Most didn"t work or were impractical for a real server but there were a few that I felt had potential and even some that I heard other users wishing they had. So I"ve decided to take the best ideas, polish it up and release it to the community and see if anyone else likes it.
RWTema, ExtraUtilities Author

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