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Getting Started (Mystcraft)

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Setting Up


In order to start creating new ages you will need:

  • A steady supply of sugarcane for paper
  • A large supply of cows or leather for books
  • A nearby water source capable of spawning squids for ink sacs
  • A couple of glass bottles for Ink Vials


In order to create ages, you will need to create two very important objects. The first is the Writing Desk which allows for the copying of pages so that your good pages won't be lost when creating a new age. The other thing you will need to craft is the Book Binder which allows for the creation of descriptive books.

Collecting Pages

Before even trying to create an age to travel to, it is recommended that you craft a Notebook to store the pages you collect on your adventures.
There are two ways of getting pages. The first way is to find a village large enough to have a house for the Mystcraft villager. This villager can be traded with to get pages and the cost varies based upon the rarity of the page. The maximum price for a page is 64 emeralds. In the villagers house you can find two Lecterns with a page on each. If you can't find a village then you can create an age using paper and find an Abandoned Library. In the library there are 5 Lecterns allowing for up to five pages and a chest hidden in the walls that contains up to 8 additional pages.

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