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Feed the Beast Horizons
Maintained by The FTB Team
A pack designed to highlight a whole new series of incredible mods for Minecraft.
Version Info
Current stable 2.1.0
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Minecraft 1.6.4

The Feed the Beast Horizons pack is a pack developed and maintained by the FTB Modpack Team that aims to introduce new or rewritten mods that people are less familiar with to the playerbase of FTB. The name, 'Horizons', is an indicator to that. The changelog can be found on Confluence.

Horizons features previously unknown or unused mods and combines them, resulting in the modpack having little tech mods but many magic mods.

Due to its goal to highlight new mods, the modpack has little mods featured in it. Common mods featured in most FTB modpacks are not featured in Horizons. This is due to them not being new or rewritten and already introduced to the players.

Mods Included

Mod Name Version Author(s)
Advanced Genetics 1.4.1 ObsiLP
Agriculture 1.2.15 Team Metallurgy
Alternate Terrain Generation 0.9.4 TTFTCUTS
Applied Energistics 14.finale3 AlgorithmX2
Arcane Scrolls Duke605
Archimedes' Ships 1.4.5 BalkondeurAlpha
ArmorStatusHUD 1.15 bspkrs
Aroma1997core Aroma1997
Ars Magica 2 1.1.2b Mithion
Artifice Shukaro
Backpacks 1.26.29 Eydamos
Better Chests Aroma1997
BetterStorage copygirl
Biomes O' Plenty Adubbz
Blood Magic 0.7.2b WayofTime
bspkrsCore 5.2 bspkrs
Carpenter's Blocks 2.0.4 Minshopper
ChickenChunks Chickenbones
CodeChickenCore Chickenbones
CoFH Core Team COFH
DamageIndicators rich1051414
DragonAPI v18b Reika
Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2 0.0.7 WingsOfLife
Emasher's Resource Emasher
Ender IO CrazyPants
EnderNET rc1 asiekierka
Engineer's Toolbox Emasher
Enhanced Portals 3 3.0.0.b5c Alz454
EVOC 1.0.0a ProfMobius
Extra Utilities 1.0.3a RWTema
ExtraTiC 0.7.6 Glassmaker
Farlanders 1.0 Fabiulu
FlatSigns Myrathi
Forbidden Magic pr0.31 SpitefulFox
Forge Multipart Chickenbones
Gany's End 1.5.7 ganymedes01, KingPurpleRaptor
Gany's Nether 1.5.6 ganymedes01, KingPurpleRaptor
Gany's Surface 1.5.3 ganymedes01, KingPurpleRaptor
GasCraft Emasher
Hopper Ducts 1.2.2 FyberOptic
Inventory Tweaks 1.56.b77 jimeowan
JABBA 1.1.1a ProfMobius
JourneyMap 3.3.2 Techbrew
KeithyUtils 1.2.26 Team Metallurgy
KingCore Duke605
Magical Crops 3.2.0beta15a Mark719
Metallurgy 3 Team Metallurgy
MineTweaker 2.3.1 StanH
MobiusCore 1.0.5 ProfMobius
Morpheus 1.2.32 Quetzi
Mystcraft XCompWiz
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Plugins mistaqur
NEI Chickenbones
ObsidiPlates Myrathi
OPIS 1.1.3a ProfMobius
Pam's Harvestcraft 1.1.4 MatrexsVigil, Rhodox
Project Red Mr_TJP
Random Things 1.8.9 lumien
ReactorCraft v18 Reika
REI Minimap 3.4.01 ReiNSFK
RemoteIO 1.11 dmillerw
Revamp 1.2.2 Rivvest
Roguelike Dungeon Mod 1.2.9 Greymerk
RotaryCraft v18b Reika
Sort Fix 1.0 LexManos
StatusEffectHUD 1.19 bspkrs
Steve's Factory Manager A78 Vswe
Switches Myrathi
Thaumcraft 4 4.1.0f Azanor
Thermal Expansion Team COFH
Tinkers' Construct 1.5.3 mDiyo
Tinkers' Mechworks 0.1.3 mDiyo
Torch Levers 1.3.2 HitchH1k3r
Translocators Chickenbones
Tropicraft 5.1.6 Cojomax99, Newt_head, Pablomittens, fotoply, MrRube, Corosus, fishtaco567
Utility Mobs 2.1 FatherToast
WAILA 1.5.1a ProfMobius
Witchery 0.15.1 Emoniph
WR-CBE Chickenbones
Zan's Minimap 1.6.4 MamiyaOtaru