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Ore Template blank

Mod [[|]]
Spawn Properties
Spawn level
Biomes {{{biomes}}}
Ore {{{ore}}}
Poor Ore {{{poorore}}}
Block Storage Block
Ingot Ingot
Hot Ingot {{{hotingot}}}
Nugget Nugget
Gem {{{gem}}}
Crystalline {{{crystalline}}}
Reduced Chunks {{{reducedchunks}}}
Clean Chunks {{{cleanchunks}}}
Dirty Gravel {{{dirtygravel}}}
Native Cluster {{{natcluster}}}
Dust Dust
Small Dust {{{smalldust}}}
Tiny Dust {{{tinydust}}}
Impure Dust {{{impuredust}}}
Purified Dust {{{puredust}}}
Crushed Ore {{{crushedore}}}
Purified Ore {{{pureore}}}
Centrifuged Ore {{{centrifugedore}}}
Plate {{{plate}}}
Rod {{{rod}}}
Lens {{{lens}}}
Round {{{round}}}
Bolt {{{bolt}}}
Screw {{{screw}}}
Ring {{{ring}}}
Gear {{{gear}}}
Foil {{{foil}}}
Cell {{{cell}}}
Plasma Cell {{{pcell}}}

Multi crafting blank

Template:Grid/Crafting Table

Craft Blank

Template:Grid/Crafting Table

Carpenter Blank


Template:Grid/Induction Smelter

Template:Grid/Magma Crucible

Info Box blank

Tooltip Text {{{lore}}}
Required modules {{{module}}}
Blast resistance {{{blastresistance}}}
Hardness {{{hardness}}}
Restores {{{foodpoints}}}
Effects {{{effects}}}
Cookable {{{cookable}}}
Armor rating {{{armorrating}}}
Damage {{{damage}}}
Durability {{{durability}}}
Mining level {{{mininglevel}}}
Stackable {{{stackable}}}
Flammable {{{flammable}}}
Storage {{{storageslots}}}
Liquid Storage {{{lstorage}}} mB
Heat (C) {{{heatc}}} ºC
Heat (F) {{{heatf}}} ºF
Previous tier {{{prevtier}}}
Next tier {{{nexttier}}}
Energy Consumption
Max EU input {{{euinput}}} EU/t
EU use EU/t
EU use {{{euusetool}}} EU/use
EU storage EU
Max EU output {{{euoutput}}} EU/t
EU production {{{euproduction}}} EU/t
EU traversing {{{eutraversing}}} EU/t
Steam storage {{{gtsteamstorage}}} L
Steam usage {{{gtsteamusage}}} L/t
Steam production {{{gtsteamproduction}}} L/t
Energy storage {{{gteustorage}}} EU
Energy usage {{{gteuusage}}} EU/t
Energy production {{{gteuproduction}}} EU/t
Voltage in {{{gtvoltagein}}} EU-Volts
Voltage out {{{gtvoltageout}}} EU-Volts
Max amperage {{{gtamperage}}} EU-Amps
Loss/meter/amp {{{gtloss}}} EU-Volts
Heat limit {{{gtheatlimit}}} K
Fluid capacity {{{gtfluidcapacity}}} L/s
Item capacity {{{gtitemcapacity}}} Stacks/s
Routing value {{{gtrouting}}}
Fuel efficiency {{{gtefficiency}}}
Charge storage {{{rccharge}}}
Energy loss {{{rcloss}}} per tick
Required Power {{{rocpower}}} W
Required Torque {{{roctorque}}} Nm
Required Speed {{{rocspeed}}} rad/s
Max MJ input {{{mjinput}}} MJ/t
MJ use MJ/t
MJ storage MJ
Max MJ output {{{mjoutput}}} MJ/t
MJ production MJ/t
MJ traversing {{{mjtraversing}}} MJ/t
Max RF input {{{rfinput}}} RF/t
RF use {{{rfuse}}} RF/t
RF storage {{{rfstorage}}} RF
Max RF output {{{rfoutput}}} RF/t
RF production {{{rfproduction}}} RF/t
RF traversing {{{rftraversing}}} RF/t
Steam usage {{{fspsuuse}}} SU/use
Steam usage {{{fspsutick}}} SU/tick
Steam storage {{{fspsteamstorage}}} SU
{{{1inputtitle}}} {{{1input}}}
{{{1usetitle}}} {{{1use}}}
{{{1storagetitle}}} {{{1storage}}}
{{{1outputtitle}}} {{{1output}}}
{{{1productiontitle}}} {{{1production}}}
{{{2inputtitle}}} {{{2input}}}
{{{2usetitle}}} {{{2use}}}
{{{2storagetitle}}} {{{2storage}}}
{{{2outputtitle}}} {{{2output}}}
{{{2productiontitle}}} {{{2production}}}
{{{3inputtitle}}} {{{3input}}}
{{{3usetitle}}} {{{3use}}}
{{{3storagetitle}}} {{{3storage}}}
{{{3outputtitle}}} {{{3output}}}
{{{3productiontitle}}} {{{3production}}}
{{{4inputtitle}}} {{{4input}}}
{{{4usetitle}}} {{{4use}}}
{{{4storagetitle}}} {{{4storage}}}
{{{4outputtitle}}} {{{4output}}}
{{{4productiontitle}}} {{{4production}}}
{{{5inputtitle}}} {{{5input}}}
{{{5usetitle}}} {{{5use}}}
{{{5storagetitle}}} {{{5storage}}}
{{{5outputtitle}}} {{{5output}}}
{{{5productiontitle}}} {{{5production}}}
Technical Details
Default data value {{{datavalue}}}
Ore dictionary name {{{oredictname}}}
First appearance {{{firstappearance}}}
Last appearance {{{lastappearance}}}
Experience {{{exp}}}
Flow speed {{{flowspeed}}} m/s
Player speed {{{speed}}}