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This Wiki is created and maintained with the work of many people. And great thanks to former team leads Jadedcat and Tahg for leading the wiki team, you'll never be forgotten. :P


You can reach most of the team members on EsperNet #FTB-Wiki (webchat).

To contact the wiki team for general issues, you can:

To contact a team member for specific issues, you can:

  • Use the links below to access talk pages of a member, create a new section on it and leave your message there.
  • Message the wiki team member on the forum.

Main Team

Main pages: Project:Mod maintainers

Mod Developer Appointed Staff

Any mod developer with a mod used in the FTB packs may appoint people to create and oversee their mod section of the wiki.

  • Obsidiplates : Myrathi · Moondrixx
  • GregTech : Retep998 (talk)
    Retep does the tilesheets, if you want a tilesheet to be created contact him.

Translation Team

Main pages: Project:Translation portal

Anyone can help translate the wiki, these guys will be in charge of proofreading translations.

Language (English) Language Code Official Team Members Members Status
Czech čeština cs Kiblik1 Active
Danish Dansk da TheSomner • Berington Members Inactive
German Deutsch de TheStang • IceDave Aerbex · Fabianx97 · Blay09 · Selawi Active
Spanish Español es Carlos Alba • QueWhat Yawmoght · Team6Fox · TheArni Active
French Français fr Raitor • Alxe4ndre Gh Active
Italian Italiano it FBI • Madaffacca Members Inactive
Lithuanian Lietuvių lt Auris331 Active
Dutch Nederlands nl Xile705 • Leshrac • Beleriond Active
Norwegian Nynorsk no b0Stark Members Inactive
Polish Polski pl TheReduxPL · Tomalla Active
Portuguese Português pt Cheeseless SandroHc · Dgdas9 Active
Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese pt-br Visck Active
Russian Русский ru DarlockAhe • Korriffel Daihock Active
Swedish Svenska sv Lokalike Members Inactive
Mandarin 中文 zh Jinbobo Active

Bots and Bot Operators

Administrators, emergency shutdown buttons are located at the Bot Operators' Noticeboard.

We have a recent changes feed available for bot use on EsperNet #FTB-Wiki-recentchanges (webchat).


Former Staff

Here are the list of former staff members who made significant contributions that has either quit or left.

  1. MilConDoin (c) (Bee Team) 3265 edits
  2. Arkangyl (c) 3259 edits
  3. Jadedcat (t · c) (Team Lead & SysOp & Bureaucrat) 1662 edits
  4. AgentTadpole (t · c) (SysOp) 888 edits (TadpoleBot (t · c): 615 edits)
  5. Denkbert (c) (Template Team) 772 edits
  6. Enoch (c) 644 edits
  7. FunshineX (c) (Graphics Team) 193 edits
  8. Chrissy McCloud (c) 138 edits
  9. Coderj (c) 127 edits
  10. Freightrain (c) 111 edits
  11. Andrew2448 (c) (XyCraft Dev Appointed) 74 edits
  12. Spasticon (c) (Organization Team & SysOp)
  13. Exedraa (c) (Bee Team) 34 edits
  14. Tahg (t · c) (Team Lead & SysOp & Bureaucrat) 4 edits
  15. Staxed (c) (Organization Team & SysOp) 3 edits (StaxBot (c): 0 edits)

And to those former staff who are wondering why your name isn't here, your account got deleted because you did nothing, yes that is right, nothing. Contact Jinbobo, and we will happily add you to the "hall of fame".

Former Translators

These are the translators that did actually show up and translated.

  1. Christophernjsp (c) 561 edits
  2. Darlock (c) 55 edits
  3. Alex4ndre (c) 41 edits
  4. Daihock (c) 26 edits
  5. The j485 (c) 2 edits
  6. B0Stark (c) 1 edit

And special thanks to all those translators who did not do anything you will always be forgotten.

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