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Water Bee

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Water Bee Water
Latin Name Aquapis aqua Description:
Discovered by Binnie No Description Provided.
Added by Mod Extra Bees
Branch Aquatic Branch
isNocturnal No
Product Specialty
 Damp Comb
Damp Comb
Damp Comb
Base Chance: 30%

Default Attributes

Speed Slowest Cave Dwelling No
Lifespan Shorter Nocturnal No
Fertility 2 Drones Rain Tolerant Yes
Pollination Slow Temperature Normal
Territory 9x6x9 Temp. Tolerance None
Flowers Lily Pad Humidity Damp
Effect Water Humid. Tolerance +-1


Acquired from Mutates to

This bee is found in water hives.

It cannot be bred.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Resilient.png Resilient Bee-Lapis.png Lapis 5%
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Common.png Common Bee-River.png River 10%
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Diligent.png Diligent Bee-Ocean.png Ocean 10%
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Rural.png Rural Bee-Bovine.png Bovine 10%
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Hive.png Other Hive Bee-Common.png Common 15%
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Common.png Common Bee-Cultivated.png Cultivated 12%
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Exotic.png Exotic Bee-Viscous.png Viscous 10%
Bee-Water.png Water Bee-Valiant.png Valiant Bee-Prussian.png Prussian 5%

Special Notes

  • Bug in 1.7.0b: Damp Comb is currently a specialty. (Fixed in 1.7.1)
  • The Ocean Bee can only be bred in the vanilla Ocean Biome.